Palm Harbor Sprinkler Repair

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ATZ Irrigation Services - Palm Harbor

Rated #1 in Sprinkler installation, repair, planned maintenance and landscape lighting in Palm Harbor Fast lawn Sprinkler repair Service

See What Palm Harbor Residents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I rarely give ratings but really need to hear because they did such a great job. Quickly returned my phone call came out and gave a quote have done two jobs since then.Very pleased with their work. I highly recommend ATZ irrigation

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“I rarely give ratings but really need to hear because they did such a great job. Quickly returned my phone call came out and gave a quote have done two jobs since then.Very pleased with their work. I highly recommend ATZ irrigation”

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“ATZ irrigation came out to my home after going to my sons and also did a great service with my system and also courteous techs and a wonderful experience when giving me info over the phone will recommend to others”

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Aldo Ferritti

“I had my 5-acre estate landscaped, irrigated and the outdoor lighting done by ATZ Irrigation and it came out beautifully.They are definitely the best when it comes to lawn sprinkler care and systems in Florida”

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Niko Mercuris



“We Rated #1 in Palm Harbor

We are a family owned and operated company and we always show up when other companies say they can’t.

✓  Family Owned & Operated

✓  Nearly 30 Years of Experience

✓  Lennar’s 2015 Best Contractor Award  

✓  Full Year Warranty

✓  System Troubleshooting & Analysis

✓  Custom Lawn Irrigation Design

✓  Industrial Grade Installation

✓  Irrigation Records Management

✓  Full Irrigation Repair  

✓  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial

✓  Landscape Lighting

✓  Preventive Planned Maintenance


Keep Your Lawn Green

A properly working sprinkler system means you’re getting the right amount of water at the proper time and location.

Save Water

Broken pipes, leaking or damage sprinkler heads wastes water and money.

Save Money

The lack of consistent watering will eventually lead to dry areas that lead to thin grass which bugs love and then expensive cost of re-sodding.

Palm Harbors Fastest & Most Reliable Irrigation Sprinkler Repair Company

ATZ irrigation is Palm Harbor’s #1 Rated sprinkler repair company. Our experienced sprinkler technicians are dedicated irrigation professionals. If you think hiring a pro is expensive wait until you hire an amateur or unlicensed outfit. Call us today, it’s easy to set up a visit. We Always Show Up!

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Palm Harbor Lawn Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation Services

map of Palm Harbor shows our irrigation service area for Palm Harbor Sprinkler Repair
ATZ Irrigation Lawn Service Area In Palm Harbor

ATZ Irrigation provides “Quick and Reliable” lawn sprinkler repair in Palm Harbor and for over 27 years we have been family owned and locally operated.

We are an irrigation company that has always valued customer satisfaction and that is how we have evolved into providing the most efficient irrigation repairs in the Palm Harbor & Tampa Bay area. There is nothing we cannot repair, if it has to do with irrigation (Sprinkler systems) we can make it right. Our team also keeps track of all lawn sprinkler repair visits and installations to make it easier and faster to diagnose and fix future lawn sprinkler issues.

ATZ Irrigation has a full “Irrigation” license in Pinellas C-6479, Pasco LSS-08248, Hillsborough SP13253 and Hernando AAA0041360. We are also bonded and fully insured.


ATZ Irrigation Sprinkler Repair Services:

  • Service all Makes and Brands of Irrigation Systems
  • Irrigation Controller Replacement & Repair
  • Irrigation Scheduled Program Changes
  • Sprinkler Head Adjustment
  • Fix broken irrigation pipes
  • Leaky Sprinkler Head Repair
  • Emergency Sprinkler Repair
  • Repair & Install Rain Sensors and Other Water-Saving Features
  • Repair Broken Wiring
  • Troubleshoot all Brands of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems



Lawn Sprinkler Installations

We also provide lawn sprinkler system installations for new construction and for existing established lawns which begin with an estimate. Our installations include a custom design, 100% coverage and a full 1 year warranty on all parts and workmanship.  Call us at (727) 937-7177 or click here.

atz sprinkler repair license

ATZ Irrigation Sprinkler Installation Services:

  • Custom Designed Irrigation Installations for Homeowners to Large Communities
  • New Installations or Irrigation System Replacements
  • New irrigation for Landscape Areas
  • Expansion of Irrigation Systems
  • Drip Systems for patios
  • Custom Drip Irrigation System Design & Installation
  • Lawn & Landscape Sprinkler Systems Installation

Palm Harbor Irrigation Services, call us on (727) 937-7177 or schedule repair service on our Online Service Form 

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