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Residential & Commercial Irrigation System Installation Installation


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We have been installing irrigation systems for over 30 years in the Tampa Bay area. Through the years, we have mastered working on various commercial & residential irrigation systems. We offer the same reliable quality and service all in the same day on select systems call now or contact us online to learn more!

Commercial Irrigation Systems

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Our in-depth knowledge and our advanced irrigation expertise put us in a position to design a better irrigation system in Tampa Bay. ATZ Irrigation’s owner, Thomas Zullo, insists on Doing Irrigation the Right Way with no excuses. This means we install high-quality sprinkler systems that will last longer and provide optimum water coverage performance.

Irrigation System Design

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Our sprinkler systems will take only one business day to design and install.

Drip Irrigation Installations

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ATZ Irrigation recommends a drip irrigation system for gardens and landscape areas with a concentration of plants, shrubs, trees, or flower beds. Drip irrigation systems are more effective by delivering water by soaking the roots of the targeted area of the soil. Regular sprinkler systems have an approximate efficiency up to 80%, while drip irrigation systems have an efficiency of more than 90%. This method of irrigation saves water and money. We are experts at designing and installing drip irrigation system quick and the right way.

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