Planned Sprinkler Maintenance

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Problems we can manage:

Broken sprinkler heads

Leaking sprinkler lines

Sprinkler adjustments

Dry spots developing throughout the lawn

Controller is dysfunctional or not turning on

Well pump isn’t working properly

System won’t turn on or not working

Water puddles forming in yard or excessive run-off

Planned Sprinkler Maintenance involves adjusting your sprinkler heads to ensure that they are providing the water coverage your lawn needs to look healthy and beautiful. Brown spots or dead grass appears when sprinkler heads are not functioning properly, or not facing in the right direction.

When sprinkler heads are not functioning properly, or they’re not facing the right direction, the results may appear as dead grass or brown spots in the yard.

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Planned Sprinkler Maintenance can prevent brown spots in grass are due to lawn sprinklers in need of repair

A brown spot is a dry spot that bugs and weeds love. The yard will degrade to the point where the bugs and weeds will simply take over and kill the lawn. Read our article regarding brown spots, click on How Much Brown Can Your Lawn Tolerate?  The key to a healthy green lawn is not to allow any brown spots to begin in the first place.  A regularly scheduled maintenance program will help in keeping your irrigation system in tip-top condition which will keep those brown spots from appearing.

Irrigation Systems Age!


The longer an irrigation system remains in operation, the more it needs periodic maintenance to keep it working efficiently.  As the sprinkler system ages, the sprinkler heads may become misaligned, clogged, or damaged by lawn care services.

Periodic maintenance, worry free protection!

irrigation control box

Our Planned Sprinkler System Maintenance is offered every 30 days, 60 days and 90 days.

Our proactive service investigates, inspects and tests the irrigation system to ensure it’s properly operating with the correct amount of water coverage per zone.

Our Sprinkler System Maintenance will tune the irrigation system so all sprinkler heads are working at peak efficiency and your lawn is getting water it needs to be healthy, green and lush.

ATZ Irrigation Planned Maintenance checks for:


Leaky Sprinkler Pipes/Valves/Heads

Broken Sprinkler Pipes/Valves/Heads

Run Over From Sprinkler Repair

Location of Sprinkler Valves

Lawn coverage Issues

Leaks under Driveway

Clock Malfunctioning

Rain sensor malfunctioning

Sprinkler heads that are too low/too high

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