ATZ Irrigation is a different irrigation company

We typically deliver sprinkler repair services by the next business day.  Most other Tampa Bay irrigation companies offer sprinkler repair within 5 days to replace a sprinkler head. We provide “Quick and Reliable” Irrigation Services.

Zullo Family Business

Tom & Elizabeth Zullo own & operate Tampa Bay's leading sprinkler company, ATZ Irrigation, Inc
Tom & Elizabeth Zullo are the owners of ATZ Irrigation Inc. It is Tampa Bay’s well-respected irrigation sprinkler company for over 30+ years.

Tom and Elizabeth Zullo are the husband and wife team that are the founders and owners of ATZ Irrigation Inc.

As a family business, both owners work long hours doing direct hands-on tasks,  from operation management to  performing irrigation services.  They diligently work to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with all of ATZ Irrigation’s irrigation services.

Tom is the Project Manager & Chief Field Engineer and Elizabeth is the Operations Manager. Together they make an awesome team always focused on delivering High-Quality  Irrigation Services. Read about Tom’s philosophy that has steered the business from the very beginning, click on Do Irrigation the Right Way.

Tom and Elizabeth Zullo have built a family business based on the cornerstone of  Quick and Reliable” Irrigation Services throughout Tampa Bay.

In 1989, the Zullo family started ATZ Irrigation in Tarpon Springs with a passion for delivering the best Tampa Bay lawn sprinkler services.  Their business earned success by consistently living their passion by providing quality and durable irrigation results with excellent customer service. Through many years of experience, our expertise grew to solve all types of irrigation problems. Whether the work is residential or commercial or small sprinkler repair or larger irrigation system install projects, ATZ Irrigation does it all.

ATZ Irrigation Out-Performs the Competition

For over 30 years, we have developed our own best-practices and the know-how to do a better job faster and out-perform our competition.  Our company-wide expertise is due primarily to Tom Zullo’s field experience of working directly with his crews and mentoring individual technicians to achieve their personal best. Tom also has set a high bar for quality standards.

Tom tolerates no excuses – his company will do the best job possible.  This includes being cost effective and ensuring built-in quality for durable irrigation performance.  Elizabeth Zullo handles all customer service issues, service productivity, negotiations with the vendors and scheduling of service calls.  Elizabeth strives to schedule your sprinkler service appointment as soon as possible.  She realizes that the speed-of-repair is an important factor to keeping your lawn and landscape green and healthy.

The Zullo family personally lives their business every day and does everything possible to fulfill their passion of being the best Tampa Bay lawn sprinkler services company.  You can count on us to perform quick and reliable services and schedule your service-call promptly that other companies have trouble doing.

In fact, historically we have received 100’s of new customers over 30+ years because our competitors are unable to service them quick enough.  Our family business,’ livelihood depends on pleasing you by doing an excellent and quality job.

To obtain Fast Sprinkler System Service for lawn sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation, call (727) 937-7177 or click on Quick Service for any type of irrigation systems.


truck loaded with an automatic sprinkler parts, pipes and sprinkler heads to install irrigation systems

ATZ Irrigation has an extensive inventory of parts, irrigation controllers, valves, pumps, sprinkler heads.  We support all the major name brands. We carry a complete inventory of parts to ensure our service is performed without delays – there is no waiting on a part order.

We Work with All the Name Brands

Regardless of the manufacturer of your automatic sprinkler system, we can service it.  Our technicians have the skills and the experience to troubleshoot, repair, replace, and install all the name-brands of irrigation systems on the market.

We are the experts of all major irrigation manufacturers’ products and know the value of each brand and their weaknesses.  So, we may recommend a part from a different manufacturer because we know it will last longer or perform better.  You can count on us doing the best for you.

Hence, we recommend and specialize in using the best irrigation manufacturers in the market:  Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro.  These top 3 manufacturers provide the best quality, most reliability and come with a remarkable manufacturer’s warranty.  Our trained technicians will expertly repair, adjust, maintain or install your sprinkler system in accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications and instructions and also to our company’s high standards of quality.

Full Year Warranty

We take each job personally and pride ourselves in accomplishing the best quality irrigation results.  We take the extra time to do it right with quality parts that we visually inspect and carefully handle with no short-cuts.  We back up our service with a full year warranty on parts and labor.  In addition, we provide other services for alternate water source connections for irrigating your lawn.

Our ATZ Team working on a sprinkler system installation
Our ATZ Irrigation team installs complete sprinkler systems.

Our warranty covers small repair jobs to large irrigation installations.  For commercial projects that also include irrigation installations for entire communities, our warranty is described in the contract services.  To learn more about our warranty, click on ATZ Irrigation Warranty.

ATZ Irrigation provides professional irrigation services the first and every time — you can count on us to get it right!  We Do Irrigation the Right Way.

Team ATZ Irrigation is the “A-Team”

We are  the “A-Team”, team ATZ Irrigation delivers excellent results.  We hire responsible and experienced irrigation technicians.  ATZ irrigation personally trains them our way to do business using our best practices and quality standards.

Our ATZ Irrigation Training Program includes on-the-job mentoring, mandatory manufacturer sessions for new products and irrigation innovations, in the field shadowing, as well as sharing of new methods by team leaders to improve quality and productivity.

Team ATZ Irrigation is well-trained, competent and skilled.  Our service area includes Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough and Hernando Counties.  We also are licensed in all these counties.

Tom Zullo insists his employees always be courteous, friendly and do their best work for each customer.

Irrigation Record Management

Our goal is to keep you as a lifetime customer by providing excellent service and knowing your irrigation system inside and out.  Team ATZ Irrigation spends the extra effort to perform Irrigation Record Management.  All customer transactions and services are recorded with detailed service information.  We have kept detail service information regarding repairs, parts, and installations for the last 30+ years.

Our Irrigation Record Management system makes it easier and more efficient for us to solve future problems.  Even if your home is sold to a new homeowner, our records can be very useful and help us be more cost-effective and perform faster services.

We Protect our Customers

ATZ Irrigation is fully compliant with the law to protect our customers.  We have “Irrigation” licenses for each county, (Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Hernando). To verify our licensing certification with any of the 4 local counties, click on Resources.  We perform high-quality professional irrigation services.  Team ATZ Irrigation is fully insured to work on your property with business insurance, workers compensation, liability and commercial auto insurance.

ATZ Irrigation is a reputable Tampa Bay irrigation company that firmly believes this basic protection is important to our customers.  There are many Tampa irrigation companies who lack this basic level of protection.  If you do business with them, you are taking a risk of receiving poor quality service and legal exposure if a worker gets injured on your property.  You can be confident ATZ Irrigation’s ability to deliver professional irrigation services with no risk.

Tampa Bay’s ATZ Irrigation is a professionally run company with 30+ years of experience that will schedule your service fast and perform quality work with a full year warranty.

ATZ Irrigation is the customer-oriented company you can count on to deliver the Best Tampa Bay Sprinkler Services.

If you are looking for High-Quality Professional Irrigation Systems Service delivered fast to solve your sprinkler system problem with no excuses, call (727) 937-7177 or click today on Quick & Reliable Sprinkler System Services

We make your irrigation system start working fast.  Please don’t hesitate to call us to setup your service appointment as early as possible.  To find out the best time to call us, click on Business Hours to talk to us directly or complete Our Service Request Form to initiate a service call after hours.