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Perfecting the best lawn irrigation services in Tampa Bay

Thomas Zullo working on a trench digging machine for sprinkler irrigation installation
Tom Zullo working on a trench digging machine

After 27 years, ATZ Irrigation has grown into a successful well-respected lawn sprinkler company.  Based out of Odessa,  operating throughout the Tampa Bay area.

ATZ irrigation has a full crew of highly skilled master irrigation technicians.  We have developed in-house procedures to repair and install irrigation systems and sprinkler heads unlike any other outfit in the area.

These specially devised methods and procedures were crafted over the years and have been honed to perfection. We depend on years of dedicated work & resources to deliver the quickest & reliable service, hands down to all of our clients.

ATZ implements using the best most affordable parts from all the top irrigation system manufacturers.  Despite the age or condition of your system, we will get you taken care of hassle & worry free!



Top Lawn Sprinkler Manufacturers:

  • Rain Bird sprinklers
  • Hunter sprinklers
  • Irritrol System sprinklers
  • Hit Product corporation sprinklers
  • Toro sprinklers

We typically find, most of our work is conducted using these 3 top manufacturers. Including Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro.  They provide the best value and most reliable parts to build out quality irrigation systems and handle critical sprinkler system repairs.

For over 30 years we have provided the bay areas most effective sprinkler troubleshooting, sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, drip irrigation system repair, drip irrigation system installation and all types of irrigation system repairs.

Our goal remains the same, Do Irrigation the Right Way. Our Tag Line is simple too! ” Always quick & reliable”.  We take pride in every job we do!  From new installations to quality repairs.

Take it from the irrigation experts, you don’t want to let some unlicensed amateur botch up your system, destroy your lawn and cost you more money!  People who want to save money call ATZ irrigation!

ATZ Irrigation does irrigation the right way!

irrigation sprinkler technician at work installing a new sprinkler system
An ATZ Irrigation technician (trained and supervised by Tom Zullo) working on a new irrigation installation

As the owner of the company, Tom demands Team ATZ Irrigation to “Do Irrigation the Right Way”  by only delivering the highest-quality service possible by paying attention to the following details:

  • Promptly scheduling service calls.
  • Smart troubleshooting to discover the root cause of the problem.
  • Using high-quality parts.
  • Taking extra efforts to ensure the job is done the best way possible.
  • Testing the system.
  • Cleaning up the work area.
  • Explaining to the customer the work effort and how the system works.

Getting constructive customer feedback to improve our services team.

ATZ Irrigation does irrigation the right way!

Our crews of field technicians are lead by a team supervisor and each team member is qualified as follows:

ATZ irrigation crew of field techniciansare always ready for sprinkler system installation and sprinkler repair
One of our crews of Field Technicians. Click to enlarge
  • Vetted and drug tested.
  • Has prior irrigation experience.
  • Attended our training program.
  • Attended our shadow mentoring program.
  • Supervised by an experienced team leader.
  • Wear our blue t-shirt with our logo.
  • Must attend on-going manufacturer training sessions.
  • Working under all the proper licensing for each county.
  • Have Workman’s Compensation.
  • Have Liability and Commercial Auto Insurance.

Summary of ATZ Irrigation’s Professional Sprinkler Services

  • Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Our sprinkler irrigation repair services are best-effort services. We have based our pricing on the length of time we spend on the job plus the cost of parts and materials. For residential customers, we honor all major credit cards.  Our minimum service call is $85 for 30 minutes of labor, parts are additional.
The final price will depend on the total amount of time spent for troubleshooting and/or fixing the problem plus the cost of all the parts. There is neither a complimentary consultation nor a free estimate for this service.

To learn more about our sprinkler irrigation repair service, click on Irrigation Repair Services.
  • Lawn Irrigation Design & Installation

Our sprinkler irrigation system design and installation services are quoted at an up-front priced with no hidden charges for the specified bill-of-materials for the document irrigation design.

To learn more about our Design and Installation Services, click on Irrigation Installation Services
  • Planned Sprinkler Maintenance

ATZ Irrigation maintenance service is a periodic service for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days to check the operation of the irrigation system and its capability to perform efficiently.

To learn more about our Maintenance Service, click on Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Commercial Sprinkler Service

ATZ Irrigation provides services for commercial and business customers. These irrigation services are specifically for businesses with storefronts or campus environments and also for builders with irrigation systems for a new development.

To learn more about our Commercial Service, click on Commercial Irrigation Service.


To obtain Fast Irrigation Service for sprinkler repair and irrigation system installation, call (727) 937-7177 or click on Quick Irrigation Service