We have taken the most  frequently asked asked questions from our customers over the years to provide you an honest resource of information!
Is there any guarantee or warranty on work?

Yes we guarantee our work for 1 year all parts and labor. Please see th  Warranty Page

Can I save money by installing my own system?

In our experience, NO. In fact, it could cost you more money in the long run. ATZ Irrigation will design and install the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system possible.

You can be certain that we will select the appropriate equipment for the job,  and have licensed veted profesinals who know what they are doing. while streamlining the maintenance required to keep your landscaping looking good.

We will pay detailed attention to important factors as sprinkler patterns (it is important to overlap the pattern so that the outer edges receive sufficient water for healthy growth) and backflow prevention equipment (which is necessary to protect your drinking water supply). And because ATZ Irrigation is familiar with local plumbing and electrical codes, you won’t have to worry about costly mistakes in wiring or pipe installation.

We can do the job faster, according to city code, with less disruption to your existing landscaping. And don’t forget, all ATZ Irrigation systems are backed by a comprehensive full 1 year labour and materials warranty, plus the exceptional customer service only ATZ Irrigation customers have ranked #1.

Can ATZ rebuild older irrigation systems?

YES, For nearly 30 years we have installed thousand of systems from all different era’s. There is not 1 system we can not handle rebuilding or designing!

Do we sell parts for repairs and installations at cost?

No, I am sorry this is a business. We do not sell parts at cost during repairs or installation. We factor in the cost of our  expert technicians time and labor, as well as any other factor that can be attributed to your specific system.

Is every sprinkler system the same?

Absolutely NOT, consider that your property has many different factor including elvitation, city ordinances, hills, terran, acreage, and many other specific factors that only your property has. each system is tailored to meet individual needs

If I already know the problem Will ATZ charge me less?

NO, I am sorry! we are actually one of the most affordable irrigation repair & installation services around. We have to run a full diagnostic this means spending, time, money, and labor to commit a thorough investigation of the system of design.

Sprinkler Tips

A Lot of clients ask us about solutions and fixes for small problems. In most cases we have to send a technician but here are a few solutions and indicators to help better serve you and help determine if we should come out!

Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I’m currently using?

NO. in fact, it will conserve water. You’ll never have to worry about runoff from over watering or wasting water when you forget to turn off the hose. And, with a rain sensor, your system will know when it is raining and simply shut itself off when water is not needed.

Also Drip irrigation makes conserving water a snap! to learn more please visit

Sprinkler & Irrigation Services

Does having a sprinkler system really save time?

YES. You won’t have to spend another minute of your valuable leisure time watering the lawn. Your new system will do all of the watering for you – even when you’re away from home.

How do I know what type of system is best for me?

ATZ Irrigation will design an irrigation system based on such factors as water source and pressure, soil type, planting materials, weather conditions, and your personal preferences and expectations. We will take all this information into consideration in designing a system specific to the needs of your unique landscape.

Will I have difficulty operating the system?

ATZ Irrigation will select the best controller for your needs, and we will set it with an appropriate watering schedule, in compliance with your local watering restrictions.

We will also work with you to ensure you understand both the operation of the system, and how to adjust the controller’s program easily. We will also instruct you on the operation of the electric valves, adjustment of spray heads & rotor heads, and explain the Spring re-charging procedure so that, at your option, you can start-up your system by yourself.

How much will a system cost?

The price of an irrigation system varies depending on many factors, including property size, type of landscaping, size of water supply, and your preferences.

But you can count on us to design a cost-effective system comprised of quality products. We are familiar with all the products the irrigation industry has to offer and know how to put the right ones together in a system that will achieve maximum, results for you.

Also, remember,ATZ Irrigation stands behind all of the products & services we install or repair,  and we are serious about our commitment to quality installation and service.