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Emergency irrigation repair service

Doing Sprinkler Repair and Fixing It the First-time

Sprinkler operating correctly after repair
ATZ Irrigation fixes sprinkler and irrigation problems the first time
Many sprinkler companies focus on getting in, doing the repair job quickly, presenting the bill and leaving. This approach makes the sprinkler repair service as efficient as possible to get to the next job.

If the technician returns once or more times within the next day for the same problem, it means he didn’t fix the problem the first time. The most likely case is the technician didn’t perform the attentive efforts to correctly troubleshoot and find the root causes of the problem. He simply didn’t fix all the broken parts.

This is a common complaint in the service industry of not fixing the problem the first time. Return visits to fix the same problem again is a time waster, loss of water and may actually cost you more.

Our Approach to Sprinkler Repair

picture of ATZ trucks lined up to deliver irrigation services
ATZ Irrigation provides quick and reliable for sprinkler repairs and irrigation system installation
When our ATZ Irrigation technician arrives on your property, he troubleshoots the irrigation system to find the root causes of the problem. We use our expertise of different brands of irrigation systems and our experience to isolate the defective parts.

Before we proceed, we give you an estimate for labor and materials to fix it the first time. Our approach is a methodical process that we have perfected over the years by doing sprinkler repairs in the Tampa Bay area since 1990.

Troubleshooting Irrigation Systems can be Difficult

failed irrigation sprinkler head
As an irrigation systems ages it will eventual fail

Your irrigation system is composed of programmable controls, electrical, mechanical and plumbing assembles. This means sprinkler irrigation systems are a mix of different technologies that can have a partial defect or total system failure.

In addition, due to age, component damage and usage wear-out, the irrigation system can have multiple failing parts. For example, failing parts can range from leaking sprinkler heads to broken pipes, to stuck station valves to a malfunctioning irrigation controller.

Our technicians have the skills to troubleshoot and repair these different types of technologies. Tom Zullo, our business owner, makes sure all his technicians are well-trained and have the field supervision to do the job to his high standards.

Irrigation systems with neglected maintenance will have observable defective components and other parts with the potential to fail. The challenge is to troubleshoot the sprinkler systems for broken parts, as well as, those that will fail in the near future. ATZ Irrigation is good at finding those components that have already failed. We strive as a best effort to find those components that are about to fail. It is extremely difficult to identify potential failures that will fail in the next 2 months. This is because they look all right and function properly while troubleshooting and they have not failed yet.

For those maintenance-neglected systems, we get service calls for new faults that surface because of an aged irrigation section just gives out or some untouched components previously working just failed. ATZ Irrigation has a solution for these potential failures. ATZ Irrigation offers 30 days or 60 days planned maintenance service. We arrive on your property to checkout, adjust and repair the irrigation system every 30 or 60 days and prevent the irrigation system from falling into maintenance neglect. Hence, your sprinklers will always be working.

Our High Quality Lawn Irrigation Repairs

irrigation technician inspecting and adjusting a sprinkler head
Irrigation technician performing the final touch of adjusting a sprinkler head

We “Do Irrigation the Right Way” according to Tom Zullo. We only use new replacement parts from the top brand irrigation manufacturers to do our repairs.

Our off-the-truck parts inventory allow us to perform best-quality replacement repairs for Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Irritrol, HIT and many other irrigation manufactures. We use only top quality components (such as piping, sprinkler supplies, glues and assembly parts) that are durable and have warranties by the manufacturer.

Our technicians use best practices and latest technology to mend those subsystems equivalent to new. This puts us in a position to provide our customers with a full year warranty to cover our workmanship and material defects.

Our Repairs Will Last

atz irrigation truck at a large commercial property
Large irrigation system that must be operational

The reason our repair will last is not because we fix the problem with new & durable sprinkler parts, top-notch craftsmanship or backup it up with a full year warranty, but because we thoroughly test the sprinkler system to function properly and without leaks before we leave. We will even adjust your sprinkler heads in the repaired section of system to deliver the optimum water coverage. This is why we can say, we “Do Irrigation the Right Way”!

Call us (727) 937-7177 to setup an appointment or complete Our Service Request Form so we can test, adjust and align your irrigation system or repair your lawn sprinkler system. ATZ Irrigation provides Quick and Reliable” Irrigation Services throughout Tampa Bay for over 2 decades.

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    It’s good to know that when it comes to getting our sprinklers fixed that there are ways to be able to find the right repair company. It will be nice to be able to find one that has technicians that will be able to troubleshoot different problems, and hopefully get them fixed right away. This will really help make it feel like we are getting the job done right in the long run.

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