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Latest Drought/Rainfall Information

– What it Means For homeowners You.

Florida homeowners need to be aware of water tables and droughts in their local areas which play a critical role in the regulations of watering in regards to your irrigation system. We like to post useful information for our clients to keep you up to speed.

This year is looking good! no heavy droughts – for more info please visit : Or contact us today!

Florida Drought Monitor

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  1. Alexandria Martinez

    My fiance and I want to get an irrigation system for our new home. We have never used this home and garden tool before and we want to make sure that we use it correctly. We will be sure to adjust the sprinkler heads to water them properly.

    1. Tom & Libby Zullo

      Sounds great, please give us a call if you have any questions or would like to schedule a service call. 7277865232

  2. Sutton Turner

    I never knew that you should cut grass no less than 4 inches long. I have been trying to irrigate my lawn this drought. Thanks for the tips on how to irrigate sprinklers in a drought.

  3. Tim Nelson

    Wow, didn’t realize the drought levels this year, that’s for sure. I should probably use by Sprinkler System less, but I’m glad we’re still doing “alright” in terms of water, great post!

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