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We want our customers to have the most useful information in order to handle basic issues in their lawn sprinkler system. Please enjoy this video below which will walk you through turning on or off your lawn sprinkler system.

If you still need assistance or have any questions about turning your system on or off, replacing, updating, or installing a new sprinkler system call ATZ Irrigation today!

We are always available and in many cases we can be there the same day or worst case, next day or two and most important, we always show up!

Call us Today (727) 937-7177 – Always “Quick & Reliable”


For the past 30 years we have earned the reputation as being #1 for “quick & reliable.” We are a fully licensed irrigation company that does lawn sprinkler repairs and installations throughout all of the Tampa Bay area.

Call us at (727) 937-7177 or contact us by clicking here: sprinkler repair request

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