At ATZ  we want to be informative as possible for you.  This is why we have put together a collection of helpful sprinkler tips & DYI tutorials. on how to flush and install a sprinkler nozzle. Also, many other basic operations and checks for your sprinkler system you can do before calling us.  Remember if it ever becomes too overwhelming or your not sure, don’t have the time, fear breaking something DO NOT worry about it and give us a call  (727) 937-7177! We can be out there on the same day (in given locations) and we always show up!

How to Flush and Install a Sprinkler Nozzle

STEP 1: Inspect your risers and nozzles

  1. Clear the debris around the sprinkler with a trowel or by hand
  2. Inspect the sprinkler body for damage (Cracks, leaks, etc..)
  3. Lift the sprinkler riser and inspect it for damage (Do not force it)
  4. Unscrew the old nozzle (call us to do this step if you are unsure)
  5. Inspect the inside for damage or debris.
  6. Undo the filter basket and rinse it under the tap.

STEP 2: Flush the Sprinkler System

  1. Use a flush cap to flush the system from debris. (Call us to come out if you are unsure what this is)
  2. Flush all of your other sprinklers one by one, or with multiple flush caps at one time
  3. If the flush cap is not available, flush without any nozzle or filter basket attached to the riser
  4. Run for 5-10 seconds

STEP 3: Replacing The Sprinkler Nozzle

  1. If you find damaged nozzles they will need to be replaced!
  2. turn off the water system.
  3. call ATZ irrigation so we can come out to fix them.
  4. We guarantee our work for 1 year on all parts & labor.

Typical Types of irrigation replacement nozzles

  1. Fixed spray pattern – these nozzles are manufactured to only water at ¼, ½, ¾ or full circle
  2. Adjustable – these nozzles allow you to adjust the spray pattern depending on where your sprinkler is located on your lawn. Adjustable nozzles give you great flexibility to choose spray patterns, especially for odd arcs.
  3. Rotary – these nozzles rotate the stream of water to ensure even and consistent watering. Rotary nozzles come in fixed arc configurations or adjustable arc configurations due to the finger spray they are ideal for windy locations.


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